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Welcome to Manthralayas Naturopathy Yoga & Electro Herbal Research Centre

Manthralayas Naturopathy Yoga and Electro Herbal Research Centre, provide Therapeutic Massages and Bodywork, with the goal of creating balance, eliminating pain, restoring energy and vibrant health.  We treat the mind and body holistically!

Manthralayas Naturopathy Yoga and Electro Herbal Research Centre is dedicated to Effective and Therapeutic Services.  Each treatment is customized to address individual concerns, and uses the most effective products and techniques.

We’ve created a truly unique space that is warm and inviting, and serves as a center for healing, focus and relaxation.

The staff has been selected, based on their knowledge, expertise and warmness of heart.  They represent the very best in their respective fields.  All of our Therapists are trained, certified, and licensed; with experience in understanding the body’s healing abilities. They can help alleviate the effects of stress, overuse, tension, and strain on your body.

All attention is on you!  You will feel nurtured and appreciated and relaxed.  The final result is an environment that you will hopefully consider to be your retreat from the stresses of the daily grind, a place to Refresh and Renew!

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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